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Alain Costaz

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Dockside 14/30
Squabble In Blue
Green Smile
Shadow of Golem
Power and Practice I
Power & Practice II
The Grass Skirt
The Pole Sitter 15/30
Landscape with Intrusions
Faithful Agamemnon
Intervened with Green
The River
The Great Water (diptych)
Electric Leviathan (diptych)
Big Black Monsoon (diptych)
Glow and Elation (diptych)
The Separation of Moon and Sky (triptych)
Slide Ride (diptych)
Intent and Pursuit (diptych)
Falling Forever Backward Forever Forward (diptych)
Elephant Mound
Le Chemin des Alpages (diptych)
The Pull Inward
Aura of Red (dyptich)
Clear White Morning Wonder (dyptich)
Head Full of Boulders (dyptich)
Breathing The Labyrinth (dyptich)
The Revolving Egg (dyptich)
Beneath the Breathing Cold Clay (dytich)
Conditional (dyptich)
The Possibility of Milk (dyptich)
Slipping Between Thighs (Dyptich)
Tidal Knot With Paws (dyptich)
Le Reveil des Cendres (dyptich)
Study With Mounds (dyptich)
Through Organza (dypitch)
Le Coeur des Loups (tryptich)
Turbulence with Shepherd (dyptich)

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