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Scott MacLeod

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Hell, Heart, Home I
Flight From Montreal
Love Is Blindness
Home Is Where The Crucifixtion Is
Hell, Heart, Home II
Strong Medicine
Sacred Heart, Buffalo Skull and Monarch
Sacred Oak and Standing Stone
Conception Bay, South Newfoundland
Avalon Peninsula Series 2
Red Head, Avalon Peninsula, Nfld
The Cove
Middle Cove 1
Red Head, Avalon Peninsula, Nfld
Red Head II, Avalon Peninsula, Nfld
Pouch Cove I
Pouch Cove II
Red Head IV, Avalon Peninsula, Nfld
Bell Island III, Avalon Peninsula, Nfld
Coleco Building (Merchants Manufacturing I)
Coleco Building (Merchants Manufacturing II),
Old Lock No.2
CN St-Henri Bridge 1920
Redpath Sugar 1897 II
Montreal Rolling Mills Co. Ltd. II
S.S. Simla in Lock No.1
S.S. Westoil in Lock No.1 1924
Canadian National Railway Lift Bridge
Canadian Switch and Spring 1988
Cote St-Paul lock-keeper cabin
Railway Bridge II
Canadian Switch and Spring 1988
Jennifer - Magdalene
Gaia-Earth Goddess
Amy - Aphrodite
Nathalie - Brighid the healer
Airship – Near Grand Central
The Lake
Tree by the lake
Pinebank Arch
Airship – Twilight
Cleopatra’s Needle
The Bandshell
Brooklyn sometimes reminds me of Europe
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Temple Emanuel Fifth Ave
Belvedere Castle
Chrysler Building
Shakespeare Garden
Moonrise Brooklyn
The New Pyramids
The Waterside Factories
Tree, Central Park
The Halo
Spirit Ship XI
Stem Posts from Eigg II
Vinland Saga III
Vinland Saga IV
Vessels I
Vessels II
Autumn Sally's Pond
Pairie Storm
The Stephanie

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