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Gianni Giuliano

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Deeply Grounded with Everything He Can’t Leave Behind
The Non-Sequential Consequences of the Apparent Aftermath
Encumbering Times
Memory Lapse; Pin-striped chair
The Dangerous Games Involved with Water -Witching
Icarus: Rise of the Sea
The Beginning of the Excavations for the Lost Artifact during the New York
Do You Know What Happened in New York City Last Night? The Lights Went Out!
The Arrival of the Zeppelins during the New York City Black Out
Les circonstances entourant un explosion d’un dirigeable a New York en 1937
After the New York City Black Out
Allegorical Disposition of Time
Deciphering the Virtues of the Pure and Profound
Feverish Contemplation; Man with Tattoo
Endless Interpretations of Grey Days
The Strategic Planning of Parks that are to be sprayed with Phosphorescence
Who Set All the Zeppelins Alight...We Better Take Cover
Black Out… Lights In
Mur rayé rose avec grains de beauté et saignement de nez
Portrait d’un Agoraphobe avec Gilet de Sauvetage
Des histoires bizarres et très étranges ...
Dyslexic Thoughts

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