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Aino Lutter

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Erin and Puppy
The Model 1
Bearded Man Portrait
The Model 2
Portait of a Young Woman
Woman with Hat
Italian Peppers
Glass Bottle and Squash
Pear and Preserving Jar
Tree At Sunset
Sunset Through Pines
Summer Breeze
Sunflower Field, Hazy Rainy Day
Shopping Bag and 2 Squash
The Spotlight
French Fry Box and Cherries
The Shot
Ode to Butter
In the Shade
Pines by Rigaud Mountain
Red Feather
The Journey
Squash on a Shelf
Green Onions and Tomatoes
Sunflower Field, Near Dusk
Sunflower Field, Midday
Sunflower Field, End of the Season

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