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Victoria Block & Alain Salesse Surfaces Portantes By John K. Grande

Victoria Block : Artist brings the great outdoors inside By Heather Solomon

Dorothy Grostern : A Time of Innocence By Dorota Kozinska

Dorothy Grostern : Personal perspective on the passage of time By Heather Solomon

Harvey Horowitz: A Photographer's travelling lens By Heather Solomon

Maria Giulia Alemanno, By John K. Grande

Brenda Kennedy: In Your Face, By John K. Grande

Victoria Block - Vie Des Arts,  By John K. Grande

New Path for Painter By Henry Lehmann

Stark portraiture in "Drawn from Life" by Heather Solomon

Top draw: Shirley Katz has it all figured out. by Bernard Mendelman

Shirley Katz - DRAWN FROM LIFE by John K. Grande

Dedicated Dealer Promotes Notable NDG Artists by Nancy Snipper

At the Galleries by Henry Lehmann

Kay Aubanel: Spatial Metaphors by John K. Grande

Dorothy Grostern: Light Beings by John K. Grande

Arts Scene by Heather Solomon

Fine art on display at historical Thompson House by Bernard Mendelman